Analysis and Design of Innovative Systems
for LOW-EXergy in the Built Environment
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The work packages are described below, each consisting of several tasks. Essentially, the tasks and expected
results reflect the research activities carried out by the participants.

WP1. definition of the practical applicability of exergy analysis to the built environment, particularly in support of wider RES deployment, and increase of industrial players’ awareness and commitment to the exergy concept. > More information
Work package leader WP1: Christopher Koroneos

WP2. use of insights from exergy analysis to identify and develop innovative concepts and assess their potential to substantially contribute to more effective energy resource utilisation in the built environment, including a wider deployment of renewable energy sources. > More information
Work package leader WP2: Gudni Jóhannesson

WP3. generation of innovative insights into the relations between human comfort and the indoor environment. > More information
Work package leader WP 3: Bjarne W. Olesen

WP4. The dissemination WP will provide a common framework for facilitating communication and diffusion, and for avoiding work duplication. Dissemination is to be carried out within each WP too.
Work package leader WP4: Dietrich Schmidt

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