Analysis and Design of Innovative Systems
for LOW-EXergy in the Built Environment
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Dissemination Strategy

In order to achieve the objectives the programme contains an elaborate dissemination work package (WP4).

The target audience includes:

The COST framework helps to enhance visibility among planners, policy makers and standards bodies.

The intended participants publish in specialised conferences, journals and through other research networks (e.g. IEA). A COST action provides a good forum for joint technical publications, and for targeting a broader audience with non-technical publications. Depending on budget availability, possible publications may include books (scientific, technical and/or for the general public) and workshop proceedings.

Public events of COSTeXergy will focus on (one-day) workshops in the framework of relevant international conferences. Depending on budget availability, specific events may also be organised, e.g.: training sessions for researchers and professionals (e.g. from New Member States) in the framework of “energy efficiency in buildings”; presentation sessions for CEN working groups; specialised meetings on specific subjects (e.g. EPBD and other directives). The targeted audience will include standards bodies, planners and policy makers, in addition to industry, research and education bodies.

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