Analysis and Design of Innovative Systems
for LOW-EXergy in the Built Environment
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The main objective of this Action is to broadly disseminate new scientific knowledge and practical design-support instruments that can facilitate practical application of the exergy concept to the built environment.

The Action has a strong technical focus – particularly on thermal energy in the built environment, for which there is a larger body of exergy-related knowledge available. With regard to the scale, the Action focuses mainly on the building and building component level.

On the other hand, the Action also acknowledges the importance of considering a broader context. Since it has a future-oriented character, it leaves room for emergent areas such as low-exergy building material cycles. It also leaves room for expanding the scale to the district level, since low-exergy systems for the supply of energy may require a larger scale to be effective. Furthermore, the Action acknowledges the importance of addressing not only technical issues, but also of considering interactions among different actors (e.g. industrial players, building owners, regulators).

The Action focuses on the following working objectives:

The contextual framework and work package structure of the COSTeXergy action.

1RES stands for Renewable Energy Sources

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